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  • Travelling Australia: Where to be and when

    Travelling Oz and not sure how to decide your route? Whilst we can guarantee you'll have a great time whenever and wherever you go in Australia, it does help to know the best places to go at which time of year…

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  • Our Mighty Aussie Road Trip – Part 3, Brisbane to Sydney

    ​It may be hard to believe, but for the very first time since setting off on our Mighty Aussie Road Trip 3 weeks earlier, we found ourselves driving through a city. And after 8800km of glorious road under our belts, that says something about the vastness of this beautiful continent.

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  • 10 awesome things to do that require no electricity.

    ​It's the simple things that make life so great. Sitting around a campfire strumming a guitar with your closest group of friends, laying on the grass on a balmy summer's night gazing up at the stars, the smell of your favourite meal cooking and being with those you care most about.

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  • Our Mighty Aussie Road Trip – Part 2, Cairns to Brisbane

    ​What is the most jaw-dropping sight you can imagine after 2 weeks of mind-boggling, scorching, glorious road trip through the mighty Australian desert that filled our eyes, minds, memory cards and a quite bit of our campervan with bright red dust? It was late afternoon on a sunny day in September when we followed the snaky Flinders Highway round a hill and there it lay before us: the majestically vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

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Going on a Mighty Adventure?

More awesome than average cheap campervan hire Australia.

Pick up with us
Pick up with us

Our campervan hire and car rental pick up locations are in the main centers (Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney) where all the best looking campers are - making it super easy to travel wherever you’d like through our fine land.

Get outta here
Get outta here

Who wants to spend time hanging about in an office when you’re on holiday, especially after a long flight? The campervan/car pick up process couldn’t be easier, there is of course the autographing stage but complete Self Check-In Online and get yourself on the road faster – that’s a promise.

Keeping you safe and sound
Keeping you safe & sound

Let’s be honest sometimes mechanical things just break down, but with Mighty’s 24-hour roadside assistance, we’ll get you back up and running no matter where you are in Australia as fast you can say Mamungkukumpurangkuntjunya (a hill in South Australia, Australia)

Piece of cake
Piece of cake

An Australian campervan holiday is all about enjoying amazing sights and sounds, you don’t want to lose that time scratching your head about how to flush your loo. Our campers take any guess work out of it and lets you enjoy the sunsets ... or torrential downpours ... in comfort.

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