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Dear Dorit

Posted by:
The Mighty Fellas Crew

​This week, a letter came across our Cairns office that was just too good not to throw up on our BLOG. It’s from two Danish girls, Nanna and Simone, who took away a Breezer 2 berth campervan for 24 days

dont-breezer-campervan.jpg"To Backpacker, from Simone & Nanna, Denmark

After one day in our rented Backpacker Breezer we found out that our campervan actually was a big girl named Dorit.

We would like to thank Dorit for 24 splendid days and nights travelling on the East Coast of Australia.

So we have written a small letter for her. In case she misses us, you can read it aloud for her

Dear Dorit :)

These last weeks in your company have been awesome.

You have been through so much: A cruel pick-up throwing stones at you and your beautiful eyes. A cruel man touching your inner soul by giving you a new battery in Surfers Paradise. A long and lonely and sad and scary night in Airlie Beach, when we were sailing in Whitsunday Islands, and we even forgot to say goodbye, but you were strong.

Sorry for calling you fat Dorit when you struggled with the hills – cause you were so great downhills! Sorry for waking you up at night when we had to go to the toilets. Sorry for letting you run so many kms when it was over 30degrees C. Sorry for letting you listen to Westlife on repeat! Sorry for our smells. And Dorit, when the big trucks overtake you, it is not because you are fat and slow, but because they want to see that beautiful front of yours.

Thank you for all the fantastic hours in and beside you, Dorit. You’re not wicked, but you are Dorit, and we love!”

Thanks again to Simone and Nanna – your message and your picture made ours, and Don’ts day.


We love to hear your stories from the road. If you’ve travelled with us, tell us what you named your ride in the comments section below, and we’ll send you out a Backpacker Beach towel.


Next week, we’ll be having a look at how you can get involved during Western Australia’s Conservation week.

Over and out,
Ricki and the Backpacker crew (especially Dorit)


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