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10 things you can only do in Summer

Posted by:
Mighty crew

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If you're reading this you made it through the Arctic Vortex, well done. If you're not following, the Arctic Vortex was Australia's most talked about meteorological event of 2015. It was basically a week of cold and miserable weather with a dramatic title. 

Helping us make it through was the dream of the impending Australia Summer; surf, sand and barbeques. To be honest we got a little carried away dreaming about it and even went so far as making a list of all the awesome stuff you can only do in summer. Just be warned it may cause a serious case of summertime sadness and will probably lead to you organising an epic summer road trip. Enjoy.

​Stuff you can only do in summer

  1. Eat mangoes. The question is how? Do you cube and turn inside out (the porcupine method) or get in there with a spoon?
  2. Wear next to no clothing. If you're anywhere near a beach this rule applies even more. Doing the campervan grocery shop in a pair of speedos? No worries!
  3. Fish and chips ALL THE TIME! Perfect for parking the camper up next to the beach and devouring them in record time after a day spent frolicking in the sunshine! Note, point number 2 also applies here.
  4. Not doing your hair. If you're on a campervan holiday what's the point? Besides with all those summer days at the beach, seawater makes a fantastic hair product.
  5. Wearing thongs/flipflop/sandles/jandles/bare feet everywhere. Your feet have been couped up for months, let them out, let them run free.
  6. Late night ice cream runs. Excuses not needed. Peel back the wrapper, find the comfiest spot in your camper with the best view of the stars and enjoy!
  7. Music Festivals! It goes without saying, a campervan is perfect accommodation and transport for festival seekers.
  8. BBQ ALL THE TIME! Cooking on the barbeque is a lot easier, a lot more fun, more social and a million times more delicious. It's a fact! We're pretty sure it's a legal requirement that every camping ground and caravan park in Australia must have at least 10 barbeques.
  9. Enjoy a tipple. All of the above activities are only improved with a cheeky lager or sav blanc in hand.  Made even better by the fact you don't have to drive anywhere afterwards!
  10. Wearing Jorts (jean-shorts) These go hand in hand with the aforementioned bare feet or thongs. They offer all the street cred of jeans with the comfort of shorts. The perfect road trip attire!

​Oh summer how we long for thee. 

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