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Summer vs Winter

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​Is summer or winter better for travelling? Whether you prefer long days soaking in the sun or carving up the slopes on your snowboard, it's impossible to pick a favourite season! It's sparked some serious debates around Mighty HQ between our resident sunshine addict Sally and our snowboarding queen Viktoria. 

Here's there list of what makes each season great:


 Summer surfing vs winter boarding:

Image by @ramboestrada 


Image by @roxy 


Playing in the snow vs playing on the beach


Image by @summersite 


Image by @torahbright


Eating out in summer vs eating out in winter


Image by @lineranders


Image by @cardronahotel


Hiking in winter vs hiking in summer


Image by @youngadventuress


Image by @tomphotofilm

Which season is your favourite to travel?

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