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10 awesome things to do that require no electricity.

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It's the simple things that make life so great. Sitting around a campfire strumming a guitar with your closest group of friends, laying on the grass on a balmy summer's night gazing up at the stars, the smell of your favourite meal cooking and being with those you care most about.


Notice how none of the simple things in life include having your mobile device joined at your hip? It's all about connecting with your friends and family, living in the moment and being at one with nature.


So, put away your mobile device! Stay somewhere you know there isn't going to be cell phone reception and take a digital detox! Swap 'facetime' for real face to face time!  If you're at a loss for how to keep entertained on your road trip without your digital device, why not try one of these great suggestions


Talk, talk, talk!

Don't sit in silence for the road trip, chat to each other – comment on the scenery, convince the driver to go in a different direction, share fun facts about yourself the others might not know. Connect with each other and talk it out. Just don't forget to listen as well!


Turn it up!

There's nothing better than a good chair dance! Download your favourite Spotify playlist to CD (yes, they still exist! Shock! Horror!) and refine your best road trip dance.  When you stop the camper, keep the tunes locked in while you prep your dinner and invite your camper neighbours over for a bit of a dance party!

Even better, bring a friend who knows how to play a guitar or other musical instrument and let them provide the evening's entertainment!



Sometimes those days of long driving can get a bit tiresome, make them even more exciting with a game of 'spotto!' Spot another mighty camper as it comes trundling past (be sure to give them an energetic wave!). Up the ante and create a bit of competition by seeing who can spot the most of a particular car make or colour.


Truth or dare

An old fashioned game of truth or dare is best played with a group of friends. If you're not familiar with it, the rules are easy! Simply select 'truth' or 'dare' and your friends will ask you a crazy question you have to be totally honest about or dare you to do something totally out of your comfort zone! New Zealand and Australia are full of places for adventure – so be prepared to be dared to take a plunge off a bridge bungy style, leap from a perfectly good plane, or swim with sharks!


Ride a bike

Swapping two wheels for four is the perfect way to explore further than the road allows, so hire a bike, ask a local for some tips on where to go and set your wheels in motion!



Cards should be everyone's 'go-to' item when packing their bag. Taking up next to no room, they'll slip into the corner of any bag.  Cheat your friends out of their cards with a game of "Bull sh*t" or maybe put it all on the table with a game of poker! A fun night around the campfire with a bottle of beer and a game of cards is where it's at!


Hang out at the beach

Park up the camper, make a picnic and head to the beach for the day! If you haven't surfed before, get a lesson and challenge yourself to stand up! Hire a snorkel mask and check out what's below the surface or look glamorous frolicking in the waves and soaking up the rays in your favourite bikini!


Go for a hike

Sit in serenity while looking at a waterfall with native birds twittering around you. It's a new kind of twitter, but that's what this digital detox is all about! Hike far and wide, up hills, across mountains, through fields of wild flowers, it's up to you how far you go – it's your adventure!


Embrace the kid within

Don't take things too seriously, be a bit silly – play a game of tag, or hide and seek. Get in touch with the kid within. Being on holiday is about creating memories, and it's the silliest memories we look back on with the biggest smile. Connect with your friends, be children together, make memories. Simple.


Is there anything else you'd add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.




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