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25 small ways to say 'I love you' on your camper roadtrip

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The Mighty Crew

Romantic couple 

Travelling as a couple teaches you a great many things about your relationship! It's also an ideal way to reconnect without the distractions of your regular routine. To keep the romance alive on your next camper adventure, try these 25 simple and cheap (or free!) romantic roadtrip gestures.

Love is…

Being the full-time van loader
Being the champion finder of lost things
Cooking fresh-caught fish for brunch
Writing a poem and leaving it where they will find it
Making sure your hands are sand-free when you put on their sunscreen
Never sitting on their towel with a wet bum
Writing a message on the sand
Giving them a back rub
Lying side-by-side watching the stars
Finding the perfect private swimming spot
Packing a rug and a surprise picnic lunch
Watching your not-so-favourite movie that they love
A hidden bottle of champagne on ice
Washing the sand off their thongs
A sunset by a driftwood fire
Letting them eat your chips
Being patient when they mess up the directions
Changing the sheets without being asked
Finding something they love in an op-shop
Picking them a bunch of wild flowers
Letting them have the first bite
Secretly extending the trip
Preparing breakfast in bed
Buying them a great surprise coffee
Finding the perfect spot to watch the sunrise

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