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A Sydney roadtrip with Saunders Says

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Saunders Says


Trip highlights

Where was the best view? Blue Mountains, Three Sisters lookout point.

Where was your favourite place/town visited and why? Close to call, Byron Bay for the surfing, atmosphere and incredible beaches, and the Blue Mountains for some of the best views in the world.

What was your favourite experience/activity & why? Finding Minnehaha waterfall in the Blue Mountiains was highly memorable. Great water, scenery and a lot of fun.

Top highlights? Surfing in Byron Bay. Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, Minnehaha Falls, hiking in Warrumbungle National Park and Brisbane nightlife.

Best café for coffee? True to the Bean – Katoomba, Blue Mountains.

Favourite pub/restaurant? The Yellow Deli, Katoomba.

Did you have a favourite holiday park you stayed in and why? Warrumbungle National Park; we felt in the middle of nature being surrounded by kangaroos, but the facilities were still great.

Can you share a recipe from something you cooked in the campervan? Mexican fajitas: chicken, capsicum, onion, Mexican spices, tortilla wraps. Mix everything together when cooking and add to wraps with salsa, cheese and sour cream. Mmmm.

What is your greatest memory of the whole campervan holiday? The sunset over the Blue Mountains at the Three Sisters viewpoint.

Day 1 - Sydney to Nelson Bay
Distance: 215km
Travel time: 2.45 hours

The first stop on our roadtrip to check out the famous Nelson Bay. The beaches and seafront were lovely and it was a great place to stop for our first night.


Day 2 - Nelson Bay to Coffs Harbour
Distance: 395km
Travel time: 3.5 hours

Heading to our next stop of Coffs Harbour, we stopped mid-route in Port Macquarie to visit the Koala Hospital. Would recommend!

Day 3 - Coffs Harbour to Byron Bay
Distance: 241km
Travel time: 3 hours

Another drive up the coast to Byron Bay, where we stopped for two nights.

Day 4 - Byron Bay

Learnt to surf!


Day 5 - Byron Bay to Brisbane
Distance: 166km
Travel time: 1.5 hours

After taking in the beaches and surf lifestyle we wanted to head to Brisbane to explore a city.

Day 6 - Brisbane

Explored the city and all it had to offer us, great place!

Day 7 - Brisbane to Warrumbungle National Park
Distance: 720km
Travel time: 8 hours

Our longest drive yet, heading from the city to the National Park. Choose your fuel stops wisely here as the roads can go for miles and miles without seeing anything or anyone.

Day 8 - Warrumbungle National Park

Time to explore another part of what the region has to offer in the National Parks. The first being Warrumbungle where we did some hiking and made friends with some kangaroos.

Day 9 - Warrumbungle National Park to Blue Mountains
Distance: 353km
Travel Time: 4.5 hours

Heading to our last stop on our way back down to Sydney, the Blue Mountains. We had no idea what was yet to come...


Day 10 - Blue Mountains National Park

The last day of the roadtrip, we checked out a waterfall and caught the amazing sunset at the Three Sisters lookout point.

Day 11 - Blue Mountains to Sydney
Distance: 128km
Travel Time: 1.5 hours

Heading back to Mighty HQ to drop off the camper after an amazing roadtrip.

Saunders, Robbie and Glen travelled in a Mighty Big Six – start planning your adventure and book a Mighty Camper today!

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