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4 Places to Visit in Australia this Autumn

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The Mighty Fellas Crew,

While summer would be the obvious choice to travel in Australia, we at Mighty Campers thought we'd let you into a little secret. Autumn is the new summer for travellers. Why you ask? Well among the benefits are cheaper prices for everything (including our campers), and of course the colours. Possibly an Instagrammers dream Australia in autumn is vibrant, colourful and a must see. Here are some of our favourite locations.



Known as the sunniest capital in the world (with over 8 hours a day on average), autumn is your chance to escape the heat of Perth. One of our favourite locations is Raeburn Orchards, located 30km from Perth CBD. Stroll through the picturesque lines of amber trees and see the vibrant golden leaves while munching on delicious seasonal fruit grown right in the orchard. Idyllic or what?


Remember kicking through golden leaves as a kid? Well if not, you can make that dream come true throughout central Melbourne at the Botanical Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens and many more. The perfect location for a some Insta action shots to fill up the photo album at the beginning or end of your trip.


On your way to Lake Burley Griffin (if you're an IGer this will already be well on your list) take a detour through suburbia and along the riverside. You'll find endless tunnels of colour to brighten you Insta account. There's nothing better than a stroll through these serene paths with a coffee just soaking up how stunning the world is with a bestie!


Tasmania is famous for the Fagus – a native tree found nowhere else in the world. Photographers (and Instagrammers) flock for the 'Turning of the Fagus' when the leaves go through their seasonal change, glowing in bright autumn colours - it's as if #nofilterneeded was made just for this place!

Are you planning an adventure on a budget soon? Don't forget to check out Australia this autumn where along with the stunning colours you'll find some great deals on all your bookings and attractions (including our Mighty Campers). Get in touch or check out our camper options at

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