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Jackpot - 3 Berth Campervan


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    Vehicle Age: 2012 - 2013 modelsGet a Quote Now

    ​Hit the Mighty Jackpot with this compact camper that goes from snoozing to dining at the push of a button. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Fit up to 3 of you, thanks to your own double bed and a nifty fold-down hammock. Take your adventure to new lengths with this little Swiss Army knife of a campervan. You lucky thing, you. Not available from 1st April 2019.

    Available from Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney locations only.

    • Images are indicative only. Actual campervans may vary. Layout cannot be requested.

    • Images are indicative only. Actual campervans may vary. Layout cannot be requested.

    • Images are indicative only. Actual campervans may vary. Layout cannot be requested.

    • Images are indicative only. Actual campervans may vary. Layout cannot be requested.

    Sleeps 3*
    Minimum Hire Age 18

    One double bed and one single bed hammock**

    Portable gas stove
    Butane canisters for gas stove provided
    Cold water only 
    Fresh water tank
    ​12V Battery/240V mains power
    Child seats cannot be fitted. 1 x booster seat can be fitted
    Vehicle Age2012 - 2013 models 
    Fuel TypeUnleaded Petrol 
    Transmission TypeManual 
    Fuel CapacityMinimum 70 litres 
    Interior Height1.83m-2.40m 
    Exterior Height2.50m-2.80m 

    Supplied in the camper you will find linen and bedding, kitchen essentials including crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils plus all the general living gear you’ll need. Don’t forget to pack soft bags instead of a suitcase – much easier to store in the camper!

    *As this may be a tight fit if travelling with 3 large adults, a Double Down or Double Up may be more comfortable

    **Max weight for single bed hammock is 90kg


    This vehicle has a positioning for a total of one child restraint. Child seats cannot be fitted in this vehicle. Children under four years must not travel in these vehicles. One booster seat (minimum four years of age) can be strapped in the front passenger seat with the diagonal lap-sash seatbelt. Any other travellers will need to sit in the middle seat. As this may be a tight fit it is recommended that when travelling with a child, a Mighty Double Down, Double Up or Big Six is considered.

    Please refer to the Child and Booster Seat guide for more information:

    Child and Booster Seat Guide 2018/2019


    Exact campervan model may vary

    • we will always provide you with similar or better campervan
    • we will always provide you with a campervan with at least the number of beds booked
    • if you have booked a camper with toilet/shower we will provide this type of vehicle
    • if you have booked an automatic camper you will get one with the same transmission (if you have booked with manual you may be upgraded for free to automatic)

    Drivers licence information

    Please note: A current and full motor vehicle driver’s licence is required and must be produced upon vehicle collection. Visiting us from overseas? If your license is in a language other than English, please ensure two things:
    1. The license is appropriate for a full size motor vehicle (not restricted or learner)
    2. It must be accompanied by an accredited English translation. An International Driving Permit may be acceptable as a translation if in English.

The Jackpot is available from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns and Adelaide.

​Check out the details in the Rental Agreement

The document below is what you agree to when you check out your Mighty Camper in Australia. This is must read stuff.​​

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