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​​Get started creating your dream itinerary now, before you set off on your camper adventure - Check out our Trip Planner. Banish that FOMO and make the tricky decisions now so you can relax when you are on the road! Will you have time to get your selfies with both the Kangaroos at the zoo AND  the celebs at Madame Tussad's? Are you looking for adventure but don't know where to start? There is a wealth of amazing activities you can do on you Aussie roadie, and something for everyone - get inspired!

You can do without the stress of organising your meals once you are already on the road. Our Recipes on the Road app can start you off with some fantastic ideas for simple, easy to make and delicious meals in your campervan.

Find out everything you need to know about travelling Australia with your pets in a Mighty Camper.  

Our “Peace of Mind Promise" ensures the highest hygiene and safety standards and 24/7 on-road support.​ 


​Our Trip Planner makes it easy for you to plan, organise and discover new, awesome places to write home about (or share on Facebook, obviously). You wont regret booking your must do’s before your hit the road and knowing how much leftover money you have for dancing the night away.


​These recipes are yummy, cheap and easy enough you could almost make them with your eyes closed (though not recommended!)​


How to stay safe, secure and healthy while travelling in Australia

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